St Lucia

At a family wedding on St Lucia there were plenty of  amateur photographers in the party taking snaps of people and the wedding itself, as well as the professional photographer. So here are a few shots of the villa I occupied and its surroundings.

The twin peaks called the ‘Pitons’ on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

This picture, and the following photos are of the immediate surroundings of my villa on the
Jalousie Plantation St Lucia.

A view, from the villa, of the ‘Gros Piton’.

The atrium above the lounge.

View from inside the villa.

The pool. Had it all to myself but only used it twice. Mostly swam from Sugar Beach.

Just a glimpse of the sea between the trees.

A shot of the pool and a corner of the villa.

One Response to St Lucia

  1. Dear Grumpy,

    It looks absolutely LOVELY. :-)

    Love Dotty xxx

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