No such thing as moderate Muslims

Do moderate Muslims exist? If you listen to the current discourse the moderate Muslim has either died out or gone extinct, that is if he or she ever existed. Click on the link no such thing as moderate Muslims and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.


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Islamofascist fundamentalism

On yesterday’s news it was announced that four faith leaders were holding a memorial service for victims of the London vehicle attack on Westminster Bridge and the killing of a police officer outside Parliament. The usual babble was heard from politicians of all parties while failing to say anything about the real problem which is about religion, and specifically Islamofascist fundamentalism. All for fear of being labelled racist and Islamaphobic.
Look around the world and virtually every conflict is a war between different flavours of some crackpot stone age desert dogma.
And yet faith schools continue to be funded by our state thus further driving a wedge between our young people into ‘them and us’.

More on this later.

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Hi to the handful of followers that used to follow Old Grumpy!

I’ve been recovering from revision heart surgery followed by two months in hospital struggling with post operative complications.
Some well meaning folks who visited me during my incarceration prayed for my recovery. However it was due to science, the skill of the surgical team, and the post operative treatment that kept me alive, not prayer.

So after an absence of nearly two years I will soon be back commenting on the stupidity of my species after my forced absence from the blogosphere.

Watch this space…

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Born again

Born againMost Sunday mornings, over breakfast, I watch the Andrew Marr Show on BBC, and occasionally watch the programme that follows with a studio audience which debates moral, ethical, and religious questions.
This week the ‘born again’ christian nutters came crawling out of the woodwork.
Apparently these crazies pin their belief on a certain quote from the bible…

…Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God…

On this basis a whole new cult splinters off from the mainstream. There were christians of other flavours amongst the audience who disagreed with the ‘born again’ tribe, demonstrating just how divisive religions are.

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Religion is poison

Allah-FantNearly 150 people were killed and 350 wounded in a triple suicide bombing in Yemen on Friday. In an online statement, a group identifying itself as the Sana’a branch of Islamic State claimed the killings in the Mosque were “just the tip of the iceberg”. Yemen is best known as a stronghold of the rival al-Qaeda militant group.
This atrocity has a Sunni-Shia dimension.
Again religion poisons everything.

Over one million people died in an orgy of religious killing following the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Since then the two countries have fought three (official) wars, aside from continual bloodletting at their borders. It’s a frightening thought that both these countries possess nuclear weapons. There are many excuses made, but essentially it’s all about religious differences. In the 21st Century religion is still the wellspring of mindless violence and mayhem. In recent times we have seen conflict in…

    • Palestine (Jews v. Muslims)
    • The Balkans (Orthodox Serbians v. Catholic Croatians; Orthodox Serbians v. Bosnian and Albanian Muslims)
    • Northern Ireland (Protestants v. Catholics)
    • Kashmir (Muslims v. Hindus)
    • Sudan (Muslims v. Christians and Animists)
    • Nigeria (Muslims v. Christians)
    • Ethiopia and Eritrea (Muslims v. Christians)
    • Sri Lanka (Sinhalese Buddhists v.Tamil Hindus)
    • Indonesia (Muslims v. Timorese Christians)
    • The Caucasus (Orthodox Russians v. Chechen Muslims; Muslim Azerbaijanis v. Catholic and Orthodox Armenians)

And these are just a few instances where conflict has occurred.
Religion poisons everything.

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Garden of Eden

Adam and EveAfter Adam and Hawwa (Eve) had eaten the forbidden fruit and realised their nakedness, this is what I think they must have looked like 😉

Does the Qur’an mention the Garden of Eden?
It does, but in Islam it isn’t given such a name but is simply referred to as ‘the Garden’. Both Adam and Hawwa lived in Paradise enjoying the blessings of Allah, living a life any human would have envied. However Allah warned them: “And We said, O’ Adam, dwell – you and your wife – in the Garden and eat freely of its (fruits) as you wish, but do not come near this tree lest you become wrongdoers’”. Allah also told Adam to beware of Shaytaan: “And We said, ‘Surely this one is an enemy to you and your wife, so do not let him drive you out from the Garden, so that you are made miserable”. Did Adam and Eve eat the apple from the forbidden tree?
Although in Islam there is no confirmation of what particular tree it was, Shaytaan did manage to tempt both Adam and Hawwa to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Being humans, their curiosity got the better of them: “But Shaytaan whispered to him saying, ‘O’ Adam, shall I show you the tree of immortality and power that does not waste away?” The Qur’an tells us that after eating the fruit both Adam and Hawwa noticed they had become naked. Realising they had been tricked by Shaytaan they desperately tried to cover their nakedness with leaves from the trees.

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Religion of peace

ConfusedIn recent times hundreds of thousands of Muslims world wide have demonstrated against cartoons of Muhammad; yet there haven’t been any Muslim demonstrations against the barbaric actions of the Islamic State — much less any efforts to teach against its understanding of Islam in Muslim communities. That’s because the Qur’an’s commandments to Muslims to wage war in the name of Allah against non-Muslims are unmistakable. They are, furthermore, absolutely authoritative as they were revealed late in the Prophet’s career and so cancel and replace earlier instructions to act peaceably. Without knowledge of the principle of abrogation, people will continue to misread the Qur’an and misdiagnose Islam as a “religion of peace.”
We have seen mass evictions and forced migrations perpetrated against Christians, Yezidis, Shia Muslims including Shabak and Turkmen, and others, we have seen reports of extrajudicial and mass killings, beheadings, abductions, forced conversions, torture, rape and sexual assault, using women and children as human shields, and people being burned or buried alive. Women and girls as young as 12 or 13 have been taken captive, to be sold as sex slaves or put into forced marriages with Islamic State fighters.

Qur’an 8:12 and 47:4.

8:12: “When your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

47:4: “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike necks…”

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