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Pocket call

Just a few minutes ago, off up the ‘Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire’, my mobile phone in my jeans pocket started calling a friend. How does it do that? Understandably my friend was not pleased as he was already tucked up in bed!

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How to get elected

The Labour Party has come within a whisker of being elected, but not quite.
With the Conservative Party in the doldrums it’s a hung Parliament despite a 20 point lead in the polls when Theresa May first called the election. The lady took a risk and it backfired.
So, apart from a wooden and lacklustre Conservative campaign, what persuaded the electorate to swing over to the Labour Party?
The Labour Party Manifesto of course! Appealing to the self interest of all and sundry (almost) students, the elderly, working mothers, pensioners etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I was expecting free beer, but sadly it was not in the Manifesto!

The referendum last year should never have been called. Shame on those Members of Parliament who voted for it. We elect representatives to form a government and make decisions in Parliament on our behalf. They abdicated their elected responsibility and chose to park it on the electorate.
Now look at the mess we are in, a divided nation probably facing another General Election in a few months time!
If only Jeremy Corbyn could see his way forward to include free beer into his next Manifesto, I’ll be voting Labour!


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Voted in the General Election at 8:00 am. Then had a full English breakfast at a local cafe.

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