When I was young, God, it seemed, spoke to others but not to me and had revealed Himself to others but not to me. I thought, “Why would God hide from me? There must be a reason why he is invisible to me and I can’t hear Him”. Then I reasoned thus, “If I can’t see God and can’t hear Him, it’s as if there wasn’t a God at all”.
Could I find the answer in the Holy Books?
The Holy Bible (or the Qur’an) is supposed to be the Word of God.
So if the Holy Bible is the work of a Supreme Being it should be true and it should be perfect.
Either the Holy Bible is a book of truth from start to finish, or it is not.
It should be factual.
There should be no errors, and no mistakes, in any pronouncement on the sciences, in astronomy, biology, geology, or in medicine.
The morality of the Holy Bible should be perfect, wise and just, and should have nothing cruel, vindictive, unjust or revengeful within it’s pages.
It should be intelligent, pure, honest, and merciful.
It should be against war, slavery, bigotry, ignorance and superstition.

But I was struck by the cruelty and absence of mercy and justice in the Holy Books.

And so I slipped quietly out of any religious belief at an early age, without much fuss. Henceforth I’ve lived happily as if there are no Gods; and have tried to explain natural phenomena through reason and without any reference to deities.

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